With alopecia

With alopecia

With alopecia

Originally the hair of the part which should have hair falls out and says the state that does not grow newly with alopecia.

A hair has life, and there is generally usually falling hair from 70 to around 80 a day.

The state that hair fell at a stretch is bald for some reason.

When hair is gathered up and fell out, I get up.

The hair is of bodies, but alopecia is generally a head.

Hair of the whole body falls and calls for the state that new hair is not formed on with alopecia from head to foot.

The person thinking that alopecia is the symptom that is common in men thinks that there is many it, but is a symptom, actually, to have to a woman.

There are various symptoms for alopecia.

When it is newborn, a pubis grows, but there is congenital alopecia that does not grow with falling out during 2-3 months after birth.

It is sudden on the head, and the circular alopecia areata that can remove the hair is a symptom of the well-known hair loss.

-related alopecia exists in the prime of life to be to a young person.

Hair loss to happen after getting old has senile alopecia more than 40 generations.

Mental stress may cause the hair loss, and there are depression and neurosis, the fallen hair symptom due to the hysteria.

There seems to be 病候性脱毛症 with drugs such as a disease or antineoplaston such as typhoid fever, pneumonia, a chronic infectious disease, diabetes, too.


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